Conservation of seeds

I bought seeds, but how do I store them?
Nothing’s easier!

Place your seeds in a sealed plastic bag without substrate and without water.

Close the bag and place it in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. From time to time check the possible presence of humidity or condensation in the bag, and if this is the case, remove the seeds and leave them to dry overnight on an absorbent paper such as a paper towel, paper towel, etc. then return to the refrigerator.

This method is valid for storing seeds for a few months, to a few years. You can take out, according to your needs, a few seeds and put the bag back in the refrigerator.

For longer periods, you can place the sachet directly in a freezer at -18 ° C or above. The seeds in this case can be stored over very long periods (several decades.). This practice can also be used for shorter periods but once the seeds have thawed they can no longer be refrozen, their germination capacity would be greatly impaired or even zero.

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