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Sequoia sempervirens – 5 seeds – Redwood sequoia


Redwood sequoia
Origin: Oregon, California

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Common name: Redwood sequoia
Family: Taxodiacea
Origin: Oregon, California
Mature height: 30 to 112 meters
Hardiness: -20 ° C
Exposure: sunny, partial shade
Plant type: tree
Vegetation: perennial
Foliage: persistent
Flowering: –
Flower color: –
Type of soil: all soils
Watering: normal to dry
Use: isolated, clump, container, bonsai
Diseases and pests: Root rot
Toxicity: –

Seed conservation: 3 years in a dry place protected from light at 3/4 ° C (refrigerator)

This sequoia is a tree with a conical port and a rounded crown. The tree is branchless for a third or half of its height. Its thick, cracked bark is orange-red with a supple and fibrous texture. Unlike its cousin the giant sequoia, it is thinner and more slender.

The leaves are arranged on the secondary branches in two rows of flattened needles, long, green above, whitish below. The leaves of the main twigs are applied scales.

The tree is monoecious. Male flowers are around 2mm in size and are yellowish droplet shaped. The female flowers are in narrow, greenish cones of about 4 mm.

The fruits are small, woody, brown cones about 1.8 cm long. They reach maturity after a year. These cones consist of 12 to 20 woody scales, with a rhomboidal escutcheon and ending in a point.

The Sempervirens Sequoias also called Coast Redwood reign in their natural state only on the Pacific coast of the United States, from the south of Oregon to the north of California. They can live for several millennia, so they develop an individual architecture. The sequoias closest to the coast exposed to storms develop complex summits. Wind or fire damage stimulates new growth, additional trunks rise from the main trunk and larger branches!

The tallest redwoods grow sheltered from ridges or in valleys, the Humboldt Redwoods reserve contains 130 subjects of the 180 known subjects over 106 meters, the highest, 115.6 meters was recently discovered (in 2006) . Redwood Sequoias are the tallest trees in the world.

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