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Picea asperata – 5 seeds – Chinese Spruce


Chinese spruce
Origin: Asia

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Common name: Chinese spruce
Family: Pinaceae
Origin: Asia
Mature height: 10 to 25 meters
Hardiness: -25 ° C
Exposure: sunny
Plant type: tree
Vegetation: perennial
Foliage: persistent
Flowering: spring
Flower color:
Soil type: normal, sandy
Watering: normal
Use: garden, isolated, bonsai
Diseases and pests:

Seed conservation: 2 years in a dry place protected from light at 3/4 ° C (refrigerator)

Also known as the Spruce Dragon, in its native range, this spruce tree reaches a comfortable height of 25 to 40 meters.

It grows slowly, which gives a very interesting subject in bonsai cultivation. It particularly appreciates sunny exposures and humid substrates.

Outdoors, it is very resistant to cold like the vast majority of conifers.

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