Picea pungens – 5 seeds – Colorado blue spruce


Colorado blue spruce
Origin: North America

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Common name: Colorado blue spruce
Family: Pinaceae
Origin: North America
Mature height: 2 to 20 meters
Hardiness: -44 ° C
Exposure: sunny
Plant type: tree, conifer
Vegetation: perennial
Foliage: persistent
Flowering: September
Flower color: cones
Soil type: deep and draining
Watering: normal
Use: garden, isolated
Diseases and pests:

Seed conservation: 2 years in a dry place protected from light at 3/4 ° C (refrigerator)

It is a tree native to the mountains of Colorado. This coniferous tree offers a harmonious shape with a perfectly conical shape. Its leaves are composed of persistent bluish needles and very pungent compared to other spruces.

In its original range it reaches the spectacular size of 40 meters but in cultivation it is much smaller, from 2 to 20 meters.

It is very resistant to cold, down to -44 ° C.

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