Caesalpinia Pulcherrima – 5 seeds – Peacock flower


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Common name: Lesser flambloyant, Peacock flower, Pride of China, Baraguette
Family: Caesalpiniaceae
Origin: South America
Height at maturity: up to 6 meters
Hardiness: -5°C
Exposure: sunny
Plant type: flowering shrub
Vegetation: perennial
Foliage: evergreen
Flowering: May to August
Flower color: orange-red, red stamens
Soil type: garden soil and potting soil (50/50) and draining
Watering: keep cool
Use: isolated, pot or tray
Diseases and insect pests: spider mites, whiteflies and scale insects
Toxicity: all parts of the plant are poisonous

Storage of seeds: 2 years in a dry place away from light at 3/4°C (refrigerator)


The red bird of paradise is one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs and makes a perfect houseplant if pruned. In nature this plant can reach up to 6 meters high.

In May appear magnificent orange-red flowers with very long red stamens growing in large clusters, giving off a pleasant smell.

The foliage is evergreen or semi-evergreen in mild climates. The leaves are numerous, long and dark green. This plant produces small, poisonous brown fruits.

The plant dies from -8°C but it needs protection against frost from 0°C. It will grow very well in full sun or in a container with a supply of fertilizer every 2 weeks, all this while ensuring good watering.

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