Acacia Mangium – 5 seeds


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Common name:
Family: Mimosaceae
Origin: Australia
Height at maturity: up to 30 meters
Hardiness: 0°C
Exposure: sunny
Plant type: tree
Vegetation: perennial
Foliage: deciduous
Flowering: summer
Flower color: cream white
Type of soil: garden soil (1/3) + horticultural soil (2/3) and draining, tolerates poor soils
Watering: normal without excess in summer, almost dry in winter
Use: isolated, bonsai, pot or container
Diseases and insect pests: leafhoppers, scale insects
Toxicity: not determined

Storage of seeds: 1 year in a dry place away from light at 3/4°C (refrigerator)


Acacia mangium is a large tree up to 30 meters high with a long straight bole up to 50 cm in diameter, sometimes slightly fluted at the base. In less favorable conditions it is a small tree, sometimes multi-stemmed and bushy. The branches persist for a long time on the trunk because the natural pruning is bad. The root system is vigorous and trailing. The bark is light, gray-brownish or brown, rough, longitudinally fissured.

Acacia mangium is currently experiencing increasing use as a plantation species due to its rapid growth on degraded soils, particularly those low in nitrogen. Acacia mangium has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen thanks to its symbiotic association with rhizobia, soil bacteria forming root modules where the fixing activity is located, and thus overcomes a soil nitrogen deficiency.

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