Passiflora Alata – 5 seeds


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Common name: Wild Grenadilla
Family: Passifloraceae
Origin: South America
Height at maturity: 6 meters
Hardiness: 5°C to protect or bring in winter
Exposure: sunny or partial shade
Plant type: climbing plant
Vegetation: perennial but not very hardy
Foliage: evergreen
Flowering: summer
Flower color: red, white, purple
Type of soil: rich in humus and draining
Watering: copiously in summer, once every 10 days in winter
Use: pergola, trellis, porch, indoor, pot
Diseases and pests: spider mites, scale insects
Toxicity: edible fruits

Passionflower alata is a very vigorous, sparsely branched climbing plant forming four-winged stems. These 8 to 15 centimeter long leaves are broad, oval and toothed.

From March to September scarlet buds produce flowers 10 to 12 centimeters in diameter, globose, pendulous and fragrant, carrying curved petals of bright carmine red and a crown striped purple, white and red.

The wild granadilla produces edible fruits 10 to 15 centimeters long, ovoid or pear-shaped, yellow in color.

This plant can withstand a temperature of 5°C but if you do not live in a region with a mild climate, it is advisable to grow it in a container so that you can bring it into a greenhouse or veranda during the winter period.

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