Coffea Canephora – 5 seeds – Robusta Coffee Tree


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Common name: Robusta coffee tree
Family: Rubiaceae
Origin: Africa
Height at maturity: up to 10 meters
Hardiness: 1°C
Exposure: sunny, partial shade
Plant type: shrub
Vegetation: perennial
Foliage: evergreen
Flowering: spring
Flower color: white
Type of soil: heather earth, humus, draining soil
Watering: normal to wet
Use: pot, planter, container, open ground
Diseases and pests: mealybugs, aphids, spider mites, orange rust, chlorosis, anthracnose
Toxicity: edible plant (coffee)

Storage of seeds: 4 years in a dry place away from light at 3/4°C (refrigerator)


The coffea canephora is better known as the robusta coffee tree, it requires less maintenance than the coffea arabica. It also contains more caffeine than the latter.

In spring, its white and fragrant flowers appear. The fruits produced are called beans.

Although in its area of ​​origin the coffea canephora can reach 10 meters in height, in cultivation in a temperate environment it will reach a height between 1 and 3 meters.

This plant has a strong constitution. The root system of the canephora is very wide and shallow, all this makes this plant also a popular subject in bonsai culture.

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