Acer Platanoïdes – 5 seeds – Norway Maple


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Common name: Norway maple
Family: Aceraceae
Origin: Europe
Height at maturity: up to 25 meters
Hardiness: -20°C
Exposure: sunny, partial shade
Plant type: shrub
Vegetation: perennial
Foliage: deciduous
Flowering: April
Flower color: greenish yellow
Soil type: no requirements, all soils
Watering: Normal
Use: in the garden, isolated, bonsai
Diseases and Pests:-
Toxicity: –

Storage of seeds: 2 years in a dry place away from light at 3/4°C (refrigerator)


Very vigorous deciduous tree, it bears large oval leaves, wide, dark green, 8 to 15cm long whose three lobes end in a fine and pointed tooth.

They take on a very beautiful yellow and sometimes red hue in autumn. Its flowering is in the form of small greenish yellow flowers without decorative interest.

The bark is brown, and presents many not very marked longitudinal cracks. This character makes it possible to distinguish it from the sycamore whose grayish bark stands out in large plates.

A tree with very easy cultivation and rapid growth, it is well suited for bonsai cultivation. Use in the garden as an ornamental tree.

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