Cupressus Sempervirens Horizontalis – 5 seeds – Italian Cypress


Italian cypress
Origin: Europe

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Common name: Italian cypress, Provence cypress, Mediterranean cypress
Family: Cupressaceae
Origin: Europe
Mature height: 7 to 8 meters
Hardiness: -20 ° C
Exposure: sunny, partial shade, shade
Plant type: ornamental tree
Vegetation: perennial
Foliage: persistent
Flowering: February March
Flower color: brown, ocher
Soil type: any type
Watering: normal
Use: hedge, alignment
Diseases and pests: seridium cardinale, armillaria mellea, cinara cupressi
Toxicity: –

Seed conservation: 2 years in a dry place protected from light at 3/4 ° C (refrigerator)


Variety with a more spread out habit and therefore more adapted to the realization of hedges than the cupressus sempervirens pyramidalis, it can reach a height of 8 meters in free hedge. Cupressus sempervirens horizontalis supports pruning very well.

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