Archontophoenix Cunninghamianna – 5 seeds – Cunningham Palm


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Common name: Cunningham palm
Family: Arecaceae
Origin: Australia
Height at maturity: 20 meters
Hardiness: -6°C
Exposure: sunny to partial shade
Plant type: palm
Vegetation: perennial
Foliage: evergreen
Flowering: summer
Flower color: pink
Type of soil: rich and draining
Watering: keep the soil moist
Use: in a pot, veranda or in the garden
Diseases and pests: spider mites and scale insects
Toxicity: poisonous fruits

Storage of seeds: 2 years in a dry place away from light at 3/4°C (refrigerator)


Cunningham’s palm is a beautiful, thin-stemmed ornamental palm native to the rainforests of Australia. The stipe is gray in color and smooth in appearance and does not show relics of leaf bases (residues from the base of dried palms).

A slightly hardy species, this palm will grow quickly in gardens where the temperature does not drop below -2°C. It will make a superb specimen for container culture, so it can be grown anywhere if it is protected from the cold in winter by being wintered in a veranda or a place sheltered from severe frost.

Brilliant green and very lush in appearance, the fins are long, arched and deeply divided, very elegant. Inflorescences are formed under the leaf crown, very numerous flowers are pink or slightly mauve in color. The fruits are in the form of very decorative scarlet red balls and are poisonous.

Young plants prefer a partial shade exposure, as for older plants they grow indifferently under a sunny or shaded exposure. Watering should be regular and sufficient, important if planted in full sun.

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